Prime Minister Edi Rama’s Unique Artistic Journey Unfolded in Athens



Juli Ndriko, Journalist




Prime Minister Edi Rama is currently in Athens, Greece, for a unique visit. Although he is known for his role as the Prime Minister of Albania, this special occasion highlights his talents as an artist. His artistic creations are being showcased at the prestigious “Zapion Megaro” in Greece, an exhibition space that holds cultural significance in Athens.

The event demonstrates the multifaceted nature of Edi Rama and his ability to excel in various fields. This exhibition of his artwork provides an opportunity to see a different side of the man who leads his country. It serves as a reminder that, despite his political responsibilities, Rama remains passionate about his artistic pursuits.

During the exhibition’s opening, Prime Minister Rama addressed the audience in Greek, expressing his gratitude for the warm welcome and the opportunity to present his artwork in such an esteemed setting. He also personally thanked Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias and the event organizers for their support and collaboration in making this event a reality.

Prime Minister Rama described himself as “the best artist among all prime ministers,” revealing a sense of humor and humility that humanizes him beyond his political role. The exhibit showcases a version of his office at the Prime Ministry, providing attendees with a glimpse into his creative process. Rama explained that his artwork is a product of his ability to let his eyes and hands work on the canvas while his mind focuses on essential political discussions and decision-making.

In his speech, Rama highlighted the universality of art, asserting that “art doesn’t need translation.” He explained that the primary purpose of art is not to reveal what people can already see but to uncover the hidden aspects of life that often remain unseen. Through his artwork, Rama seeks to share his unique perspective with the world, transcending the boundaries of language and culture.

Concluding his address, Rama thanked his wife, Linda Rama, for her unwavering support and her role in helping him grow both personally and artistically. He playfully acknowledged her influence by claiming that “the race as an artist between us has been won by her since she has created Zaho, which is a masterpiece.”

This special visit to Athens demonstrates Prime Minister Edi Rama’s commitment to balancing his political and creative passions. By sharing his artistic vision with the world, he forges connections that go beyond politics and encourages a deeper understanding of our shared experiences.